Hwanyu Imperial Youth Lotion


A concentrated, nourishing emulsion to improve moisture balance of skin, formulated with the whole body of Wild Ginseng and harmonious combination of 70 traditional herbal ingredients. Satin-smooth textured lotion softly embraces the skin and promotes moisturizing and firms skin <br><br>The second step for your luxurious skincare routine to improve overall skin condition which helps intense efficacies from your skincare routine


15 Years of Research on Wild Ginseng to Reveal the Secret of its Power
As a complement to the existing line, The history of Whoo launches the Hwanyu Imperial Youth Emulsion. Harnessing the power of wild ginseng grown for more than 260,000 hours and around 70 precious herbal ingredients, the reinvented formulas developed by Whoo research institute in Korea can support cellular recovery at the beginning of the skin cycle, creating an environment that rebalances the skin and reveals its youthfulness.

The Imperial Youth Emulsion is enriched with not only the whole wild ginseng, but also the Imperial Ginsenium (developed after 15 years of research on wild ginseng), to rejuvenate the skin. Imperial Ginsenium can reinforce the foundation of youthful skin, enhancing the effectiveness of the precious and rare ingredients. Skin is nourished from within to combat increasingly severe environmental challenges and various unexpected external stressors, preventing the acceleration of skin aging.

The 3 characteristics of the complexion. can wrap the skin in a moisturising film to reveal a smooth and firm complexion.
Soft and smooth texture: uses elastic glycolipid of skin cell to form a smooth and easy-to-spread texture for even absorption
Dual moisturising barriers: double-layered system includes a primary strengthening barrier to retain moisture and a secondary moisturising film
Elasticity: royal elasticity formula consists of vitamin B3 to preserve elasticity within the skin

Complementing the prestigious Hwanyu Imperial Youth range, the new
91.7% feel long-lasting hydration
90.0% feel long-lasting radiance
88.3% feel long-lasting hydrated, smooth and soft complexion
90.0% feel satisfied after use
*Satisfaction test results of 60 women aged 25-55 (average age 35) from June 27 to July 10, 2021. Tested by Global Research.

Usage Directions:
1. Put an appropriate amount on the palm, and take a deep breath to enjoy the aroma and begin your Hwanyu Imperial Youth journey.
2. Gently spread towards the side of the face, following the texture of the skin.
3. Do not pat. Gently massage it into the skin before covering your face with both hands to increase absorption.


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