About Whoo

Traditional Korean beauty secret updated for our times

At The History of Whoo, we’re dedicated to helping modern oriental women indulge in the secret and powerful formulas that were favoured by royal court beauties of days gone by.

Our brand is focused on combining modern science with powerful oriental medicines, to create luxurious skin care products that give you incredibly soft, clear, and bright skin that’s fit for an Empress.

Now, The History of Whoo is loved and recognised across the world as a premium brand of skin care and cosmetics - we’re leading the way when it comes to skin care specifically designed for oriental skin.

Our Approach

Premium ingredients traditionally reserved for royalty

We’re famous for our range of incredible skin care products that are specifically formulated to cleanse and renew oriental skin.

For the first time, a brand has been able to uncover the beauty secrets of the royal court – now we incorporate their rare and delicate ingredients, including our unique and powerful Gongjinbidan Complex, into every one of our products. Each element is perfectly balanced for harmonious, healthy skin, and comes from the finest sources around the world.

Our range of make-up and beauty products has been designed to care for your skin as they work, for a truly beautiful appearance. Rich colours and lavish components make it easy to create your dream look.

Our Products

We’ve created a range that’s harmonious and balanced to suit every type of oriental skin. The modern Empress requires the best products to care for and nourish her skin. At The History of Whoo, we have everything you need to pamper your skin and bring out your best natural beauty.

We use state-of-the-art lab ingredients and formulation methods to ensure the best possible product blends. And nanotechnology ensures every ingredient is tiny enough to be easily absorbed into your skin for deep, powerful results.


The award-winning Bichup range is our classical essence that rejuvenates, reduces wrinkles and improves your complexion.


Our basic skin care range has everything you need to care for and protect your skin.

Gongjinhyang Soo

A hydrating range with oxygenising benefits of purified water. Replenishes hydration and revitalises your skin.

Gongjinhyang Seol

A whitening range inspired by the luxurious beauty of south sea pearl, created to reveal luminously clear and brighter skin tone.

Gongjinhyang Mi

A luxurious makeup range inspired by the delicate beauty of past empresses. Gongjinhyang Mi is formulated with the ancient anti-ageing treatment, Gongjinbidan, and combined with precious ingredients such as gold, amber and pearl, enhancing skin’s natural beauty.


We’ve used a 5000-year-old royal court formula to nourish the skin with ‘life force resin’, combining red wild ginseng, safflower podium, Kamisoyosan and ‘Jeongiboyuldankwa’.


A holistic care range that works deep within the skin to fight signs of ageing and leave you with clear, bright skin.

Hwan yu

These miraculous formulations renew and revive using the cosmetic dual forces of Yin & Yang - ‘Gihyeolijeong’. to sense minute changes in your skin as you age and correct them instantly.

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Our History

Inspired by the beauty of the Royal Court

In 2003, the government of South Korea commissioned LG Household & Health Care to launch a holistic, premium skin care range that showcased the extensive cultural heritage of Korea.

That’s why we created The History of Whoo - to bring the beauty of the Korean Royal Court to today’s discerning women.

“The premium royal cosmetics for the modern empress were born from a secret royal court beauty formula descended from the heavens, which scientifically revives the royal court mystique and oriental medicine”

Since then, we’ve created an unparalleled line of beauty and skin care, and we continue to innovate with revolutionary new treatments and products drawn from the inspiration of the first beautiful empresses.

Each formulation draws on the power of ancient beauty routines used by the Empresses of the Royal Court, but is created in our purpose-built, modern laboratory.

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Where To Find Us

We welcome you to come visit us in person, learn about our range, and discover a skin care solution that’s tailored for your needs.

What Our Happy Customers Think

I love The History of Whoo because it really made a difference! My skin turns brighter, clearer, smoother, softer and glowing. Nothing has made such a difference in my skin like The History of Whoo.

Lim Meng Chiao

It is amazing to make my face skin soft and light. Skin condition becomes better than better which can see on every morning by day after day.

Liz Chan

I always have this problem of dry and dull skin, with constant outbreaks of acne that leaves behind scars that makes me look beyond my age which greatly affected my self-confidence until i found Whoo, a products that can not only remedy my concern but also restore my radiance and glow back to my much needed skin.

Spring Tan

It makes my skin look like I just had 10 full hrs of beauty when i only slept for 3hrs, skin saviour!

Shan Qi

I love the texture of its cream and how it penetrate into my skin so well. Doesn’t leave any oily trace on my skin but left my skin with radiance!

Dora Ooi

After using their products for few months, my skin have tremendously become supple, smooth & wrinkles looks less obvious. It’s not a miracle to completely changed unless you go for laser or cosmetic surgery but their products do does the work to slow down the aging process if use regularly. Thanks The History of Whoo.

VthlGina Tan

My face had never experienced a more hydrated and plump feeling until I reached my 1st bottle of Ja Saeng. Since then, I have included Soon Hwan and Hwa Hyun into my daily skincare routine.

Margaret Low

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