Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Gold Concentrate Mask 6pc


A mask sheet to instantly repair the fatigued skin which contains the similar effects from the highly concentrated premium herbal ampoule that creates the perfect balance of Yin & Yang resulting in its high suitability to be regardless of hot or cold weather. Contains Gold and Wild Gold Ginseng for the restoration of skin radiance and elasticity.


The history of Whoo Radiant Regenerating Gold Concentrate Mask harnesses the power of gold essence and the nourishing CheonGiDan, as well as the Qi (blood circulation) enhancing natural wood-cultivated ginseng and wild mulberry to inject vitality into the skin and intensively repair damages with highly-concentrated essence. Formulated based on the expertise of Korean medicine, the main ingredients of the golden essence, wild ginseng and wild mulberry can promote the balance of Yin and Yang to replenish the skin. The precious Yang-enhancing 30-year old wild ginseng, coupled with the Yin-enhancing wild mulberry, are fermented for a hundred days with the gold essence to produce a concoction which can effectively improve elasticity and radiance by injecting nutrition and moisture into the skin.

Using the ‘natural brilliance’ mask paper made with ultra-fine cotton fibre woven together, this mask acts like a magnet for the essence. Adhering perfectly to the facial contour, this non-irritating mask can deliver precious active ingredients deep into the skin.

Usage Directions: Use after toner, place sheet mask onto face, and leave on to absorb for 10 – 20 minutes. Remove the sheet mask, lightly massage the remaining essence into your skin until fully absorbed. Use this regenerating sheet mask once or twice weekly for best result.