Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiant Regenerating Essence


A ultra-moisturizing skin-radiating premium essence that awakens regenerative ability of the skin resulting in significantly improved radiance, vitality, and smoothness. Lightweight texture containing highest concetration of Wild Ginseng in the entire CheonGiDan Line preserves youth and defies all signs of aging.


Contains the precious CheonGiBiDan (concocted based on an esoteric court formula in ancient Korea), with added ginseng and jade powder to enhance its benefits. Rich in precious nutrients, it effectively moisturises skin, smooths its texture, and improves elasticity. The skin is revitalised and full of radiance. Delicate yet elegant scent of magnolia adds a sense of opulence to your skincare routine. It is quickly absorbed after application, leaving the skin soft, smooth, plump, and never sticky.

Usage Directions: Use after balancer, apply essence evenly onto face, massage until product is full absorbed.