Cheongidan Hwahyun Radiance Regenerating Cream


A premium regenerating cream containing plant-derived moisturizing butter that can hold 440% of skin moisture. Maximized concentration of Deer Antler and Pearl-shaped Wild Ginseng Roots are used to care for various aging concerns with elegant floral fragrance of Magnolias.<br>Direction: After the Eye Cream step, take appropriate amount and apply evenly to the skin. Then, rub both hands together to generate warm heat and gently press<br>the entire face with warm hands for better absorption


The history of Whoo CheonGiDan Radiant Regenerating Cream with its velvety texture melts like snow upon application to help skin lock in 440% more moisture. The elegant scent of magnolia makes the cream a delight to use. Skin stays hydrated even 24 hours after application. It nourishes skin without over loading to make it stay refined, plump and firm.

Usage Directions: Use after essence and emulsion. Apply evenly over face. Rub both palms together and press palms to your face to enhance product absorption.