Gongjinhyang: Seol Radiant White Intensive Corrector


The highly enriched whitening product for topical use naturally covers skin flaws such as freckles and blemishes. The unique cream type texture adheres smoothly and moistly to the skin to relieve skin blemishes.

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Containing silkworm extract (effectively reduces freckles and blemishes to brighten skin tone), highly concentrated Pearl Wild Ginseng™, as well as the secret royal complex –
SeolGamSan and wild chrysanthemum, it can regulate the synthesis of melanin in deeper layers of skin to effectively reduce freckles, chloasma and other pigmentation. A highly concentrated and targeted whitening product, its cream-like texture is easy to spread, forming a moisturising veil on the face to conceal minor imperfections.

Usage Directions:
Use after serum, apply light layer on blemishes and tap with fingers to enhance absorption.

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