Gongjinhyang: Mi Luxury Lip Rouge 15 Ruby Pink


A luxurious anti-wrinkle lip rouge in a 24K Gold-plated design as inspired by The Shilla Empress’ Crown. Advanced lip rouge formula contains natural pigments and camelia oil for higly moisturized lips complete with a delicate finishing of vividness in color.


Containing the excellent wrinkle improving ingredient, Asiaticoside Lip Rouge when applied onto the lips, is able to activate collagen synthesis to reduce fine lips on the lips. The Lip Rouge also contains Hwarosoo, a herbal complex made up of 5 different flowers, to help in strengthening thin and weak lips.

Infused with Chunghwasungidan and Camellia Oil, the Lip Rouge also helps to brighten and moisturize lips, delivering a healthy gloss.

Usage Directions: Glide product onto lips for comfort and hydration as needed.