Gongjinhyang: Mi Velvet Lip Rouge 13 Pink Beige


The Gongjinhyang: Mi Velvet Lip Rouge is a silky-soft and luxurious semi-matte textured lipstick with a satin-like finish that leaves the lips glowing and looking smooth. Luxuriously soft and velvety, the lip rouge is oil-free and contains velvet primer cream complex, enabling the colour to last for up to 12 hours in a single application without dryness.

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Velvety smooth with up to 12 hours of staying power, Velvet Lip Rouge comes in 8 fashionable and gorgeous lip colours, for super chic lips that command attention!

Drawing inspiration from the golden crown of the Silla Dynasty, the opulent packaging of the Velvet Lip Rouge exudes sophistication that is both modern and classic.

Usage Directions:
Glide directly onto lips.

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