Gongjinhyang Cream Cleanser


An Oriental medicinal deep cleansing facial cream Contains exclusive “Yeonneoynseandan”, a unique blend of natural herbal ingredients.

Helps thoroughly remove makeup & deeply cleanse without disturbing or irritating skin.

Blended with “Gongjinbidan”, a secret royal court formula presented exclusively to the ancient Korean emperor & empress. Loaded with wild ginseng cordyceps sinensis for revitalizing benefits. Leaves skin smooth, radiant & purified.


Containing the secret Korean royal complex – GongJinBiDan (a restorative herbal formula that aid circulation), with added acanthopanax and artemisia argyi, the makeup-removing Gongjinhyang Facial Cream Cleanser can detoxify the skin to calm and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, revealing a brighter and softer complexion. Suitable even for sensitive skin.

Usage Directions: Take an appropriate amount on your palm. Apply evenly onto face and massage with circular motion. Remove excess products with tissue or water.