Bichup Moisture Anti-Aging Mist


A hydration-type functional essence mist inspired by Whoo’s signature first care booster-type essence designed to be easily weaved into any existing skincare regime of various skin types for preventive anti-aging.

Provides fast-acting, soothing relief to sensitive redness and damaged skin while promoting blood circulation and self-recovery on the get-go.


Containing the active ingredients of the Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence, it is a moisturising, anti-ageing spray that cares for the skin’s vitality throughout the day. Fortified with traditional herbs such as pine, goji berry, Chinese yam, ginseng and foxglove, the spray can restore the harmony of the five elements and promote blood circulation. It incorporates the royal secret GongJinBiDan Solution” as the main ingredient (55.5%) to solve the problem of ‘Qi (blood circulation)’ stagnation and balance between ‘water and fire’. Your skin is in its best condition to absorb active nutrients, enabling the subsequent skincare ingredients to penetrate more quickly and effectively. Continued use will result in healthier, clearer and brighter skin.

Added with the fine “JieYu Pill” Nanocomposite™, the essence spray can quickly calm the skin and prevent ageing as a result of moisture loss. More hydrating and nourishing than ordinary sprays, it is also light and non-sticky. Original French ALBEA pressure pump is used to make the essence applied more finely and evenly covering every inch of your skin. Can also be used as a setting spray for makeup.

Usage Directions:
Use anytime when you want to awake your skin.


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