Bichup Moisture Anti-Aging 3-Step Mask 5pc


A complete 3-step self-care mask taking with reference from all formulas of Whoo’s signature 3-step self-care line designed to be easily weaved into any existing skincare regime of various skin types for preventive anti-aging. Contains 1/3 the potency of an entire bottle of Bichup First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence for a fast-acting, soothing relief to sensitive redness and damaged skin while promoting blood circulation and self-recovery.


A repairing mask containing 1/3 bottle of the First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence, with the “JieYu Pill” as the main ingredient to promote blood circulation and effectively eliminate skin puffiness. GongJinBiDan balances and purifies, creating hydrated, clear and beautiful skin. Used with the Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence and Ja Yoon Cream that comes with the mask, the mask is the saviour for tired, dehydrated, puffy, and dull skin. Live and breathe royal beauty through our Bichup collection!

Usage Directions:
Use on cleansed face as the first step of your skincare routine. Place the sheet mask over face and leave on for 10 – 20 minutes. Remove the sheet mask, lightly massage until the remaining essence is fully absorbed. Finished your routine with Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Essence and face cream.


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