Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence 10th Special Edition


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In collaboration with abstract painter, Ha Taeim.

Tenth Edition of the signature Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence, adorned with bright, vivid colour bands to reflect the essence’s ability to awaken skin’s energy. A first-step anti-aging essence that helps to promote circulation in the skin. Designed for every skin type, gently soothes the skin and is the first step of the skincare to aid in the absorption of products that follow.

Special set consists of:

Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Essence – 130ml Jumbo size

Gongjinhyang: Soo Vital Hydrating Foam Cleanser – 40ml

Gongjinhyang: Soo Vital Hydrating Balancer – 20ml

Gongjinhyang: Soo Vital Hydrating Emulsion – 20ml


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